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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20070177 (CLOSED) -- Application for staff-assisted rate case in Pasco County by LWV Utility.
Document Filings Index
Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20070177
Description Due Date Completion Date
Forms Requesting Assistance Filed 03/19/2007 03/19/2007
Audit Initial Review Report 04/09/2007 None
Audit Service Request 04/11/2007 04/11/2007
Committee Meets to Discuss 04/16/2007 None
SARC Approval/Denial Letter 04/16/2007 04/17/2007
Company Pays Filing Fee (Official Filing Date) 05/16/2007 04/26/2007
Audit Report Due 06/15/2007 07/05/2007
Engineering Analysis Due to Analyst 06/22/2007 None
Prlmnry Staff Report to Eco & Rates for Analysis 07/23/2007 None
Repression/Conservation Analysis to Staff 07/30/2007 None
Engineering/Repression Cons. Issues to Analyst 08/13/2007 None
Prlmnry Staff Report to Supervisor 08/20/2007 None
OPR Provides Legal with Customer Notice Data 08/27/2007 None
FAW Notice Filed for Public Meeting 09/05/2007 09/05/2007
Legal Sends Notice and Reports to Company 09/13/2007 09/11/2007
Customer Meeting 10/03/2007 10/03/2007
Staff Recommendation 11/20/2007 11/20/2007
Agenda 12/04/2007 12/04/2007
PAA Order - Close if No Protest 12/24/2007 12/20/2007
Protest Period Expires 01/10/2008 None
Consummating Order if No Protest - Close Docket 01/14/2008 01/15/2008
Close Docket or Revise CASR 01/23/2008 01/15/2008

Utilities Involved in Docket 20070177
Utility Companies (2) Select Company
L W V Utilities, Inc. (WU135)
LWV Utility ()

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20070177
Parties of Record (1)
L W V Utilities, Inc.
Mr. James C. Weeks, Trustee
7552 Congress Street, Suite 4
New Port Richey FL 34653-1106
(727) 849-9389
No interested person found.

Staff Assigned to Docket 20070177 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 4/18/2007
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
Matthew Carter -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Economic Regulation
Cheryl Bulecza-Banks
Gerald Edwards
Shannon Hudson
William Rendell
Division of Service, Safety & Consumer Assistance
Joseph Rohrbacher
Office of the General Counsel
Martha Brown