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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20190020 (OPEN) -- Commission review of numeric conservation goals (JEA).
Document Filings Index
Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20190020
Description Due Date Completion Date
Order Establishing Procedure 02/18/2019 02/18/2019
Standard Order 02/26/2019 02/26/2019
Testimony - Company 04/12/2019 None
Testimony - Intervenor 06/10/2019 None
Testimony - Staff 06/17/2019 None
Testimony - Rebuttal 07/12/2019 None
Prehearing Statements 07/22/2019 None
Discovery Actions Complete 07/26/2019 None
Prehearing 07/29/2019 None
Hearing 08/12/2019 None
Hearing 08/13/2019 None
Hearing 08/14/2019 None
Hearing 08/15/2019 None
Hearing 08/16/2019 None
Briefs Due 09/20/2019 None
Revised CASR Due 10/01/2019 None

Utilities Involved in Docket 20190020
Utility Companies (1) Select Company
JEA (EM862)

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20190020
Parties of Record (3)
Hopping Law Firm
Gary V. Perko/Brooke E. Lewis
Post Office Box 6526
Tallahassee FL 32314
(850) 222-7500
Mr. Berdell Knowles
21 West Church Street
Jacksonville FL 32202-3158
(904) 665-4524
Represented By: Hopping Law Firm
Office of Public Counsel (19h)
J.R. Kelly/P. Christensen
c/o The Florida Legislature
111 W. Madison Street, Rm 812
Tallahassee FL 32399
(850) 488-9330
(850) 487-6419
Interested Persons (2)
Earthjustice (19)
Bradley Marshall/Bonnie Malloy
111 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Tallahassee FL 32301
(850) 681-0031
(850) 681-0020
Represented By: Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (19)
George Cavros
120 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 105
Fort Lauderdale FL 33334
(954) 295-5714
(866) 924-2824

Staff Assigned to Docket 20190020 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 1/23/2019
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
Donald Polmann -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Economics
Charles Morgan
Jenny Wu
Morgan DiPietro
Division of Engineering
Jefferson Doehling
Laura King
Phillip Ellis
Office of Industry Development & Market Analysis
James Breman
Lydia Roberts
Office of the General Counsel
Ashley Weisenfeld
Margo DuVal