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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20220063 (OPEN) -- Application for transfer of water and wastewater facilities of Tradewinds Utilities, Inc., water Certificate No. 405-W, and wastewater Certificate No. 342-S to CSWR-Florida Utility Operating Company, LLC, in Marion County.
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Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20220063
Description Due Date Completion Date
Close Docket or Revise CASR 01/27/2023 None

Utilities Involved in Docket 20220063
Utility Companies (2) Select Company
Tradewinds Utilities, Inc. (WS350)
CSWR-Florida Utility Operating Company, LLC (WS985)

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20220063
Parties of Record (4)
CSWR-Florida Utility Operating Company, LLC
1650 Des Peres Road, Suite 303
Des Peres MO 63131
(314) 736-4672
(314) 736-4743
Represented By: Radey Law Firm
Office of Public Counsel (22b)
Richard Gentry/Mary A. Wessling
c/o The Florida Legislature
111 W. Madison Street, Room 812
Tallahassee FL 32399
(850) 488-9300
Radey Law Firm (22a)
Susan Clark/Tom Crabb
301 South Bronough Street, Suite 200
Tallahassee FL 32301
(850) 425-6654
(850) 425-6694
Represents: CSWR-Florida Utility Operating Company, LLC
Tradewinds Utilities, Inc.
Charles deMenzes
12601 SE Sunset Harbor Rd
Weirsdale FL 32195
(352) 843-7790
(352) 732-4366
No interested person found.

Staff Assigned to Docket 20220063 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 3/24/2022
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
Michael La Rosa -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Accounting & Finance
Justin Sewards
Mark Cicchetti
Stephen Fletcher
Wesley Thurmond
Division of Economics
Shannon Hudson
Terence Bethea
Division of Engineering
Marissa Ramos
Melinda Watts
Office of the General Counsel
Shaw Stiller