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PSC Docket List

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
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Opened Between 5/19/2018 and 6/18/2018 (10 Records)
Docket Number Date Docketed CASR Approved Docket Title Docket Filings
20180130-TP 6/13/2018 6/14/2018 Request for approval of Amendment No. 3 to interconnection agreement between Frontier Florida LLC and PaeTec Communications, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180129-TP 6/13/2018 6/14/2018 Request for approval of amended, extended and restated agreement for local interconnection between Frontier Florida LLC and Onvoy, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180128-TX 6/04/2018 6/6/2018 Request for cancellation of CLEC Certificate No. 8775 by Rosebud Telephone, LLC, effective June 20, 2018. [Docket Filings]
20180127-EI 6/01/2018 6/11/2018 Petition for approval of temporary territorial variance, by Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
20180126-TX 5/25/2018 6/4/2018 Request for approval of name change on Certificate of Authority No. 8917 from Lightower Fiber Networks II, LLC to Crown Castle Fiber LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180125-EU 5/24/2018 6/7/2018 Complaint against Gulf Power Company for expedited enforcement of territorial order, by Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20180124-EQ 5/23/2018 6/4/2018 Petition for declaratory statement concerning leasing of solar equipment, by Vivent Solar Developer, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180123-EI 5/23/2018 6/11/2018 Petition for approval of modifications to Section No. IV, general rules and regulations governing electric service, Part VIII billing, residential and non-residential budget billing, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180122-TP 5/23/2018 5/29/2018 2019 State certification under §54.313 and §54.314, annual reporting requirements for high-cost recipients and certification of support for eligible telecommunications carriers. [Docket Filings]
20180121-EG 5/21/2018 6/12/2018 Amendment of Rule 25-17.015, F.A.C., Energy Conservation Cost Recovery Clause. [Docket Filings]