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PSC Docket List

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
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CASRs Revised Between 12/26/2021 and 1/25/2022 (19 Records)
Docket Number Date Docketed CASR Approved Docket Title Docket Filings
20220014-TP 1/10/2022 1/18/2022 Request for approval of amendment to interconnection, unbundling, resale, and collocation agreement between BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC d/b/a AT&T Florida d/b/a AT&T Southeast and Metropolitan Telecommunications of Florida, Inc. d/b/a MetTel. [Docket Filings]
20210182-WU 11/16/2021 1/6/2022 Application for limited alternative rate increase in Highlands County by Country Walk Utilities, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20210180-EI 11/12/2021 1/4/2022 Petition for authority to reinstate the non-firm energy program and tariff, Florida Public Utilities Company. [Docket Filings]
20210153-EI 9/03/2021 1/18/2022 Application for authority to issue and sell securities for 12 months ending December 31, 2022, by Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
20210138-PU 8/13/2021 1/4/2022 Proposed adoption of Rule 25-18.020, F.A.C., Pole Inspection and Maintenance Plan. [Docket Filings]
20210137-PU 8/13/2021 1/18/2022 Proposed adoption of Rule 25-18.010, F.A.C., Pole Attachment Complaints. [Docket Filings]
20210133-SU 8/09/2021 1/24/2022 Application for transfer of facilities of North Peninsula Utilities Corporation and wastewater Certificate No. 249-S to CSWR-Florida Utility Operating Company, LLC, in Volusia County. [Docket Filings]
20210125-WS 7/27/2021 1/3/2022 Application for amendment of Certificate Nos. 677-W and 577-S to delete territory in Lake and Sumter Counties, by Gibson Place Utility Company, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20210119-SU 6/24/2021 1/21/2022 Application for establishment of wastewater allowance for funds prudently invested (AFPI) charges in Lake County, by Utilities, Inc. of Florida. [Docket Filings]
20210098-WU 5/14/2021 1/18/2022 Application for staff-assisted rate case in Pasco County by A Utility Inc. [Docket Filings]
20210055-WU 3/16/2021 1/7/2022 Application for staff-assisted rate case in Lake County by Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20210001-EI 1/04/2021 1/3/2022 Fuel and purchased power cost recovery clause with generating performance incentive factor. [Docket Filings]
20200241-EI 11/10/2020 1/3/2022 Petition for limited proceeding for recovery of incremental storm restoration costs related to Hurricane Sally, by Gulf Power Company. [Docket Filings]
20200226-SU 10/13/2020 1/13/2022 Application for certificate to provide wastewater service in Charlotte County, by Environmental Utilities, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20200152-WS 5/28/2020 1/18/2022 Application for a limited alternative rate increase proceeding in Polk and Marion Counties, by Alturas Water, LLC, Sunrise Water, LLC, Pinecrest Utilities, LLC, and East Marion Utilities, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20190140-EI 7/10/2019 1/5/2022 Petition to approve transaction for accelerated decommissioning services at CR3 facility, transfer of title to spent fuel and associated assets, and assumption of operations of CR3 facility pursuant to the NRC license, and request for waiver from future application of Rule 25-6.04365, F.A.C. for nuclear decommissioning study, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180047-EI 2/21/2018 12/29/2021 Consideration of the tax impacts associated with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 for Duke Energy Florida, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20180045-EI 2/21/2018 1/3/2022 Consideration of the tax impacts associated with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 for Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
20170057-EI 2/28/2017 1/3/2022 Analysis of IOUs' hedging practices. [Docket Filings]