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Document Detail

The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the Case Management System (CMS) of the FPSC and may be incomplete. For COMPLETE and OFFICIAL information from CMS, you MUST contact the Office of Commission Clerk at (850) 413-6770.

* PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are the image of the official Office of Commission Clerk filing. Any supplementary document formats are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the official document.

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Document No. Date Filed Description
01485-2011 3/7/2011 Order PSC-11-0156-FOF-WU denying OPC's motion for reconsideration and granting OPC's motion for clarification; docket to be closed administratively after staff confirmation that appropriate refunds have been made, appropriate notices and tariffs have been filed and approved by staff, and show cause proceedings are concluded.
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