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Smart Meters

Smart meters are digital meters that measure a customer's electricity consumption and transmit data wirelessly to the utility. Florida investor-owned electric utilities (IOUs) have deployed two primary types of smart meters: advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and automated meter reading (AMR). Advanced metering infrastructure meters provide two-way communications to and from a customer's meter. Automated meter reading meters are capable of transmitting a customer's usage data from the meter, but are not capable of two-way communication.
  • The Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) requires utilities to use accurate, commercially available metering devices to measure customer energy consumption.
  • The FPSC cannot mandate the metering technology deployed by IOUs.
  • The FPSC enforces the safety standards found in the National Electrical Safety Code for all electric utilities, which does not address radio frequency (RF) emissions.
  • RF emission standards are established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • The FPSC's authority does not extend to health issues related to meters.
  • Smart meters periodically transmit a low power signal.
  • Smart meter transmitters are certified for compliance with RF emission standards by the FCC.
  • The FCC deems that meters in compliance with these emission standards do not have adverse health impacts.
  • Smart meters transmit customer energy consumption data and do not transmit customer identification information.
  • The data transmitted by the smart meter is encrypted to ensure only the utility can decipher the signal.
  • Florida's IOUs treat individual customer data as confidential, except for release for regulated business purposes and to comply with court orders.

FPSC Information on Smart Meters

Florida Public Service Commission Smart Meter Information
  1. Smart Meter Briefing Paper (PDF size = 20KB)
  2. September 20, 2012 Workshop
  3. Smart Meters (PDF size = 50KB) The PSC’s jurisdiction over smart meters and information on health and data security/privacy is provided in this one-page document.

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