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Water and Wastewater Reference Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide utility owners in-depth information so that they can be better situated to keep compliance with the applicable statutes and rules, to have knowledge of the Commission’s ratemaking process, and to gain a better understanding of the different rate relief mechanisms available to utilities.

  1. Chapter 1 – Certification (pdf 125KB)

  2. Chapter 2 – Price Index and Pass Through (pdf 147KB)

  3. Chapter 3 – Regulatory Assessment Fees (pdf 105KB

  4. Chapter 4 – Tariff Requirements (pdf 80KB)

  5. Chapter 5 – Miscellaneous Services Charges (pdf 80KB)

  6. Chapter 6 – Complaint Process (pdf 99KB)

  7. Chapter 7 – Staff Assisted Rate Cases (pdf 358KB)

  8. Chapter 8 – Assistance in Alternative Rate Setting (pdf 115KB)

  9. Chapter 9 – Annual Reports (pdf 218KB)

  10. Chapter 10 – File and Suspend Rate Cases (pdf 157KB)

  11. Chapter 11 – The Audit Process (pdf 74KB)

  12. Chapter 12 – Limited Proceedings (pdf 338KB)

  13. Chapter 13 – Service Availability Policy and Charges (pdf 77KB)

  14. Chapter 14 – Florida Statutes (pdf 79KB)

If you want to download the entire manual please click Download Entire Manual (pdf 925KB)