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Facts on Recent FPSC Decisions

The table is sortable by company name, decision title, file size, docket number, or report date. Click on the appropriate column title to sort, click again to sort in reverse order.

CompanyTitlePDF size (KB)DocketReport Date
FEECA Utilities Fact Sheet: Overview of the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act 24 130199-EI July 2014
Neustar, Inc. FAQ’s: Florida Keys 786 Area Code Overlay Implementation 115 140116-TP July 2014
Duke Energy Florida, Inc. FAQ’s: Duke Energy Florida, Inc. Revised and Restated Settlement Agreement 18 130208-EI October 2013
Florida Power & Light Fact Sheet: Florida Power & Light Company Rate Increase Request 35 120015-EI January 2013
Tampa Electric Company Fact Sheet: Tampa Electric Company's petition for approval of a new Gypsum Storage Facility Program 19 110262-EI September 2012
Labrador Utilities Fact Sheet: Labrador Utilities, Inc. Rate Increase Request 42 110264-WS March 2012
Florida Power & Light Fact Sheet: Florida Power & Light Company Need Determination, Petition to Modernize Port Everglades Plant 17 110309-EI March 2012
Gulf Power Fact Sheet: Gulf Power Company Rate Increase Request 23 110138-EI March 2012
Progress Energy Florida Fact Sheet: Progress Energy Florida's Multi-Year Settlement Agreement 16 120022-EI February 2012
Aqua Utilities Florida Fact Sheet: Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc. Rate Increase Request 29 100330-WS February 2012

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