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Here you will find a number of informational videos on important issues concerning your utility services. For example, learn how to make sure your telephone bill is completely accurate, as well as how to use your energy and water services wisely.

Freeplayer Some of our videos require Real Network's free RealPlayer.

The Florida Keys are Getting a New Area Code

Comm. Brise explains 786 area code To help prepare the Keys for an additional area code, 786, or SUN, the Florida Public Service Commission created a 30-second PSA to remind residents about 10-digit dialing and updating materials as the SUN begins shining over the Keys.

Avoid being a victim of scammers

Fighting back against scammers who impersonate utilities, Florida Public Service Commission Chairman Art Graham
has created a public service announcement to remind consumers about recent scams and offer tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Chairman Graham PSAHear Chairman Graham's public service announcement here.

Florida Face to Face

Chairman Brise's Interview on Face to Face

Chairman Ronald Brisé - May 2, 2012

PSC Commissioners interview with the Florida Channel

Commissioners discuss their background experience and the role of the
Florida Public Service Commission in the lives of Florida consumers

Commissioner Edgar's Interview with the Florida Channel

Commissioner Lisa Polak Edgar
Commissioner Brise's Interview with the Florida Channel

Commissioner Ronald A. Brisé
Commissioner Balbis' Interview with the Florida Channel

Commissioner Eduardo E. Balbis
Commissioner Brown's Interview with the Florida Channel

Commissioner Julie Imanuel Brown

Chairman Edgar's Interview with the Florida Channel

Chairman Edgar's Interview with the Florida Channel The Chairman of the Florida Public Service Commission provides an overview of the PSC, talks a little about her background, the role of Commissioners and touches on some of the agency's objectives.

Hurricane Preparedness

Chairman Edgar Hurricane season has started. Be prepared with a hurricane plan for your home and business. The Florida Public Service Commission has created an informative set of Hurricane Preparedness tips for prior to landfall and recovery to help with your plan to keep your family, employees, and property safe.

Utility Problems? Call the PSC (Part I)

Utility problems    Problems with your electric, natural gas, telephone, water or wastewater services? Call the Florida Public Service Commission.

Utility Problems? Call the PSC (Part II)

Utility problems    The Florida Public Service Commission can assist you with questions or complaints regarding your utility services.

Conserving Water and Energy

Conserving Water    Learn how to save money and protect Florida's environment by conserving our precious resources.

Call Before You Dig

Conserving Water    A free call can keep you from disrupting essential electric, natural gas and other services. It could also save your life!

Understanding Area Code Changes

area code changes    Find out how new technology, as well as increased competition in the telephone industry, have made area code changes necessary in Florida.

Public Pay Phone Pricing

pay phone pricing    Public pay phone pricing is no longer regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission, but prices should be clearly marked nevertheless.

We Need Your Help

we need your help    Report pay phones that do not operate properly to the Florida Public Service Commission, and call for a free checklist.

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