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Consumer Tips
DateTip Title
June 02, 2015Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.
March 18, 2015Save water and have a beautiful yard with Florida-friendl...
December 01, 2014PSC Shows Consumers How to Maintain Their Water Heaters
September 01, 2014Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audits
June 02, 2014Water, Use it Wisely
March 03, 2014How to file an effective complaint
December 02, 2013Natural Gas Safety
September 02, 2013Conservation tips for college students
June 03, 2013How to make a hurricane kit
March 18, 2013Love Saving Energy?
December 17, 20125 Ways to Contact the PSC
September 17, 2012811 Know What's Below - Call Before You Dig
June 04, 2012Portable Generator Safety
March 12, 2012Prepare Your Air Conditioning for Summer
December 12, 2011Learning About Lumens
September 19, 2011Home, Sweet, LED-lit, Home?
March 14, 2011How to Best Water Your Lawn
December 13, 2010What’s Your R-Value?
September 20, 2010Where to Find Help in Florida
June 14, 2010Eliminate Hurricane Preparation Hassles
March 15, 2010Save Money During Spring Break
November 23, 2009What is a Smart Meter?
May 11, 2009Hurricane Survival Kit
December 29, 2008Save Money With a Clean Air Filter
December 01, 2008Have a Green Holiday With LED Lights
August 18, 2008Post Hurricane Safety
January 20, 2008Our Trees and Our Utilities
November 18, 2007Water Wiser: Low-Flow Toilets
July 29, 2007Prepaid Phone Cards: Be An Educated Consumer
August 27, 2006Green Power and Green Pricing
August 06, 2006Watering Your Lawn - How Much is Enough?
July 30, 2006About That Fuel Charge on Your Electric Bill...
July 16, 2006Momentary Electric Outages
July 09, 2006Cell Phones and the National Do Not Call Registry
February 05, 2006Caller ID Spoofing
January 29, 2006Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
January 22, 2006Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat
January 08, 2006Changing Utility Service When You Move
December 04, 2005Budget Billing May Be Right For You
October 23, 2005Portable Generator Safety
October 16, 2005Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
September 11, 2005Be Your Own Energy Manager
July 24, 2005Practice Peak Shifting
July 10, 2005Generator Safety
June 19, 2005You Need Surge Protection
June 05, 2005Those Annoying Blinking Clocks!
May 29, 2005Generator Safety
February 27, 2005Weatherization Works In Florida
February 13, 2005Special Telephone Services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Dea...
January 30, 2005Before You Call Telephone Repair Service
January 23, 2005Your Water Heater: How Hot Is Hot Enough?
January 16, 2005Phishing: How Not To Get Hooked
January 09, 2005Medically Essential Electric Service

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