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Storm Hardening Activities

Hurricane Season Preparation Workshops

2014 Utility Filings

2013 Utility Filings

2012 Utility Filings

2011 Utility Filings

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Reports to Legislature

Congressional Activities

2007 Utility Filings

Collaborative Research Projects

2006 Staff Workshop with Electric IOUs regarding annual filings held October 30, 2007

2006 Staff Rule Workshop with third-party attachers held July 13, 2007

NEWS RELEASE Commission Moves to Strengthen State's Electric System  (06/20/06)

2006 Staff Rule Development Workshop held May 19, 2006

Post-Workshop Comments

2006 Undocketed Electric Utility Infrastructure Workshop held June 23, 2006


Responses to Pre-Workshop Questions

Other Resources

Dockets Related to Storm Hardening Activities

Docket 060172-EU (Closed) Proposed rules governing placement of new electric distribution facilities underground, and conversion of existing overhead distribution facilities to underground facilities, to address effects of extreme weather events.

Docket 060531 (Closed) - Review of all electric utility wooden pole inspection programs.

Docket 060243 (Closed) - Proposed revisions to Rule 25-6.044, F.A.C., Continuity of Service and Rule 25-6.0455, F.A.C., Annual Distribution Service Reliability Report.

Docket 060078 (Closed) - Proposal to require investor-owned electric utilities to implement ten-year wood pole inspection program.

Docket 060077 (Closed) - Proposal to require local exchange telecommunications companies to implement ten-year wood pole inspection program.

Docket 060512-EU (Closed) Proposed adoption of new Rule 25-6.0343, F.A.C., Standards of Construction - Municipal Electric Utilities and Rural Electric Cooperatives.

Docket 060198-EI (Closed) Requirement for investor-owned electric utilities to file ongoing storm prepardness plans and implementation cost estimates.

Docket 060173-EU (Closed) Proposed amendments to rules regarding overhead electric facilities to allow more stringent construction standards than required by National Electric Safety Code.

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