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PSC Docket Filings

NOTICE The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the FPSC’s Case Management System. PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are an image of the official records docket. Any supplementary document formats, such as word files, are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the filed document. For more information, please contact the Office of Commission Clerk at or (850) 413-6770.

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Document type All Official Filings Correspondence

Document Detail for Docket Number:19980678 26 documents
Document Order Date Filed Description Files
04/06/2000 WAW/Hines 4/6/00 memo to RAR/Moses with attached document regarding extension of time limit on waiver request to be placed in docket. *04296-2000.pdf (0.5 MB)
12/22/1999 WAW/Hines 12/22/99 memo to RAR/Bayo with attached 12/11/99 letter from Mrs. Holly Malberg, owner of Gem Estates, to be placed in docket. *15648-1999.pdf (1.2 MB)
06/17/1998 VOTE SHEET fr 6/16/98 ag - JN, DS, CL, GR, JC, staff recomm approved. *06375-1998.pdf (0.1 MB)
04/20/2000 VOTE SHEET fr 4/18/00 ag - DS, CL, JC, staff recomm approved. *04904-2000.pdf (0.7 MB)
01/22/1999 VOTE SHEET fr 1/19/99 ag - GR, DS, CL, JN, JC staff recomm approved. *00932-1999.pdf (0.1 MB)
06/04/1998 RECOM fr LEG/Ferguson/Brubaker; ADM/Sewell/Lake; WAW/Hines/T.L. Davis to 6/16/98 ag - order Gem Estates to show cause, in writing, within 20 days why it should not remit penalty in amount of $3,888 for failing to comply with Rule 25-30.110, FAC, 25-30.120, FAC, Sections 350.113, and 367.145, FS; if Gem responds to show cause, docket should be closed administratively; if Gem fails to respond to show cause, matter should be referred to Comptroller's Office for further collection and docket closed administratively; if Gem responds to show cause and requests hearing, docket should remain open for final disposition. *06019-1998.pdf (0.3 MB)
980678.RCM (0 MB)
04/06/2000 RECOM for 4/18/00 ag fr LEG/Brubaker; ADM/Knight; WAW/Hines - grant Gem's petition for waiver of Rule 25-30.110(3),(6) and (7), FAC; upon referral of unpaid 1995 through 1997 annual report penalty to Comptroller's Office, and upon staff's filing notice with Pasco County Clerk acknowledging satisfaction and discharge of lien filed on utility's property, docket should be closed. *04257-2000.pdf (0.7 MB)
980678.RCM (0 MB)
01/07/1999 RECOM for 1/19/99 ag fr LEG/Ferguson/Brubaker; ADM/Sewell/Knight; WAW/T.L. Davis/Redemann - modify Order PSC-98-0905-SU-WU and order that outstanding regulatory assessment fees, penalties, and interest be a lien on real and personal property of utility and directors; once modifying order has been appropriately filed with Clerk of County Court of Pasco County and liens recorded, docket should be closed. *00258-1999.pdf (0.3 MB)
980678AO.RCM (0 MB)
01740-1999 02/10/1999 Order PSC-99-0265-FOF-WU modifying Order PSC-98-0905-SC-WU, requiring liens on Gem Estates' personal and real property be recorded for delinquent regulatory assessment fees, penalties and interest; any payment of penalties shall be deposited in State general revenue fund; payment or collection of RAFs to be deposited in FPSC's regulatory trust fund; close docket administratively on filing this Order with Clerk of the County Court of Pasco County and recording liens. (GDCJJ) *01740-1999.pdf (0.2 MB)
99-0265.ORD (0 MB)
07093-1998 07/07/1998 Order PSC-98-0905-SC-WU to show cause Gem Estates; protests due 7/27/98; if Gem responds to show cause, docket shall be closed administratively. (JDCGJ) *07093-1998.pdf (0.2 MB)
98-0905.ORD (0 MB)
05723-2000 05/08/2000 Order PSC-00-0916-FOF-WU granting Gem Estates waiver of Rule 25-30.110, FAC, referring annual report penalty to Comptroller's Office for permission to write off account, discharging lien and closing docket upon referral to Comptroller, etc. (DCJc) 00-0916.ORD (0 MB)
*05723-2000.pdf (5.5 MB)
05/22/1998 LEG/Ferguson/Brubaker req to est dkt: Initiation of show cause proceedings against Gem Estates Utilities, Inc., in Pasco County for violation of Rule 25-30.110(3), FAC, Annual Report, and Rule 25-30.120, FAC, Regulatory Assessment Fees. *05709-1998.pdf (0.1 MB)
12/22/1999 LEG/Brubaker 12/22/99 memo to RAR with attached FAW notice to be published in next issue of FAW. *15675-1999.pdf (0.3 MB)
01/04/2022 GCL/Crawford - Memo dated 1/4/22 to CLK/Teitzman, advising that the docket was inadvertently placed in monitoring status by legal staff; the relevant period of limitations has run and nothing further remains to be done; docket should be closed; docket closed by XCM. *00051-2022.pdf (0.5 MB)
12/23/1999 FAW NOTICE (to be published 1/7/2000) of Gem Estate's petition for waiver of Rule 25-30.110(3),(6), and (7), FAC. *15701-1999.pdf (0.3 MB)
980678wu.wpf (0 MB)
10/24/2007 Docket correspondence - Parties and Interested Persons. [CLK note: Subsequent correspondence from parties will be appended to this document.] *09710-2007.pdf (0.2 MB)
07/02/2007 Docket correspondence - Administrative. [CLK note: Subsequent administrative correspondence will be appended to this document.] *05246-2007.pdf (1.6 MB)
08/27/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Menasco - Requesting clarification to OPC/Davis regarding OPC party status in docket 140153-WS; confirmation of substitution of OPC/Reilly with OPC/Roth in all other dockets. *05329-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
04/21/2021 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Schultz - Confirmation to OPC/Oakley that J.R. Kelly has been removed from the open dockets listed and replaced with OPC/Gentry; T. David and A. Mireille Fall‐Fry have also been removed from the listed open dockets that they were in. *03611-2021.pdf (1.4 MB)
08/27/1998 Copy of LEG/Ferguson 8/26/98 letter to Gem Estates/Cahil regarding show cause, payment, penalty and fees; response due 9/1/98. *09337-1998.pdf (0.1 MB)
03/19/1999 Copy of LEG/Ferguson 3/19/99 letter to Jed Pittman with enclosed copy of $28.50 check and $2.00 check for extra indexing fee, made payable to Clerk of Court, to file lien on real and personal property of Jacqueline Cahill and Gem Estates in amount of $6,284.72 pursuant to Section 55.10 of FS. *03642-1999.pdf (0.4 MB)
03/02/1999 Copy of LEG/Ferguson 3/1/99 letter to Jacqueline Cahill regarding response to Order PSC-98-0905-SC-WU, with attached documents. *02665-1999.pdf (0.4 MB)
02/17/1999 Copy of LEG/Ferguson 2/17/99 letter to Jacqueline Cahill advising lien will be filed with Clerk of Circuit and County Courts in Pasco County because Gem Estates and directors failed to respond to show cause order. *02104-1999.pdf (0.1 MB)
02/17/1999 Copy of LEG/Ferguson 2/15/99 letter to Clerk of Circuit and County Courts in Dade City with enclosed $28.50 check to file lien in amount of $6,284.72 on real and personal property of Jacqueline Cahill and Gem Estates, because utility and directors failed to respond to Final Order PSC-98-0905-SC-WU by 7/28/98; certified copy of order also attached. *02103-1999.pdf (0.5 MB)
02/16/1999 Copy of LEG/Davis 2/15/99 letter to DEP/Jacques with attached copy of Order PSC-99-0265-FOF-WU. *02019-1999.pdf (0.2 MB)
11/08/1999 ADM/FISCAL - Copy of $3,183.18 check from Gem Estates for payment of RAFs with penalties and interest; Deposit D210 dated 11/8/99. *13757-1999.pdf (0.9 MB)